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The Best Tires of 2021 – An Independent Review

It seems that everything is ranked these days.  Televisions, cars, backpacks, bug repellants, cell phones, mattresses, air fryers… even hospitals and schools.  So you would expect it to be easy…

Four Ways to Extend the Life of Your Tires

In April, Bloomberg News reported that the world may be facing a massive rubber shortage in the coming months stemming from a mix of ongoing issues plaguing the shipping industry,…

The Best Tire Pressure Gauges for Your Garage

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, tire failure is responsible for nearly 11,000 vehicle crashes every year.  Under-inflated tires are a leading cause of accelerated tire degradation, making…

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After scouring the web for authoritative information on tires, we created TireTrend to tie it all together.

Look, we aren’t scientists, and don’t have advanced degrees in rubber compounds and friction. We are two Dads who geeked out on tires after not being able to find accurate information. So our informed – but not expert – opinion is this: far too many of us take tires for granted, either by ignoring them or by trusting the wrong “commonly accepted” knowledge.  However, if you are carrying anything close to precious cargo (like us), take time to learn more about tire health and care for them similarly as you would for the cargo in your vehicle, because the two are more related than many of us ever know. And if you’re ever in doubt about a tire-related decision, do like us and consult a professional.